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Featuring fine Italian pocket knives by Antonini and LionSteel

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Bringing the best of Italy to you!

IKAT Supply (Italian Knife and Tool Supply LLC) is proud to bring you these fine products of Italy.  We're a small, family-owned company dedicated to bring you great products at a fair price and with personalized customer service.

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Antonini Knives and LionSteel

Established in 1925, Antonini (A. E. Coltellerie snc) is a multi-generational family manufacturer of a wide range of knives. LionSteel is also a family concern founded in 1969 to create top-quality knives of great design.  They are both located in the famous town of Maniago, Italy, a town known for its quality products and centuries of expertise making knives and other tools.  Maniago is often referred to as the "City of Knives."

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So stick around and browse a bit!

We carry approximately 100 pocket knives by Antonini and LionSteel here in the US designed for a broad range of interests, uses, and industries.  There are more variations available by special order and Antonini can also customize to meet your needs.  Have a question or special request?  We'd love to hear from you!